Consulting Services

IT projects bring about more than just functional challenges. Issues such as security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture and performance are just a few of the criteria that must be evaluated in the early stages of planning an information technology project. With our experienced IT consultants, we can handle projects large and small, from needs assessment through implementation.

IT Consulting for Manufacturing

With over 10 years of IT experience in a manufacturing environment, we can assess the IT needs in your manufacturing environment and build solutions that collect and report the critical metrics without adversely affecting production. In today’s manufacturing environment technology can hinder performance as opposed to enhancing. By relying on experience with “job-shop” environments and developing custom solutions we can put you in control of your shop and give you the data you need to increase productivity and manage costs. We have successfully designed, developed, and implemented job costing applications that enable production management to monitor performance and identify efficiencies.